The State of Delaware currently has 14 Lodges belonging to the Fraternal Order of Police.

Lodge #1            Wilmington Police Department

Lodge #2            Sussex County

Lodge #3            Kent County Lodge

FOP LODGE 3 is one of the oldest and largest lodges in the State of Delaware.

The story began in May 1966 when FOP President John Harrington met with members of a local police department to explain what the FOP could provide for the officers.

In June 1966 a motion was passed to allow Lodge 3 to include all law enforcement agencies in Kent County, Delaware. On August 11, 1966 the charter, for Lodge 3, was signed by 23 local law enforcement officers.  All the dues were paid by the Dover Chamber of Commerce for the first year. FOP Lodge 3 had an immediate growth and by February 1970 began leasing space from a VFW Post on Saulsbury Road to accommodate the many police departments that joined the Lodge.

In August 1974 the members of Lodge 3 decided to move to a new location and purchased 12 acres and a building.  By January 1980 the Lodge had paid its mortgage in full.  FOP Lodge 3 celebrated its 20th Anniversary in January 1986.

As Lodge3 continued to grow, it was decided by the members to raze the old building and build a new facility.  In August 1989, the new lodge had its ribbon cutting ceremony.

On February 22, 1991, the FOP LODGE 3 held a 25th Anniversary Banquet which was attended by Senator Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, Representative Tom Carper, Judge Myron Steele, State FOP President and Lodge Presidents and members from the 13 member lodges. The FOP Lodge 3 is home to over 200 members.  Many of the Lodge members went on the hold positions in FOP State Lodge Leadership.

We are very proud of the Lodge history and all its members both active and associate.

FOP Lodge 3 is 48 years old and looks forward to its 50th Anniversary. FOP Lodge 3 proudly serves the membership and supports the community.                             Website: http://foplodge3de.org

Lodge #4            Newark Police Department

Lodge #5            New Castle County Lodge

Lodge #7            University of Delaware Police

Lodge #9            Western Sussex County

Lodge #10           Probation and Parole Lodge

Lodge #11           Capitol Police

Lodge #12           Amtrak Police

Lodge #14           Delaware River & Bay Authority Police

Lodge #15           Dover Police

Lodge #16           Bethany Beach Police

Lodge #17           Millsboro Police Department

Lodge #18           Milford Police Department

The following lodges are no longer active lodges:

Lodge #6            Delaware State Police

Lodge #8            Correctional Supervisor’s Lodge

Lodge #13          VA Police